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Power of Play

Discover a new approach to teaching and learning that prioritizes play, child-led exploration, curiosity and wonder.
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Empowering Educators to play, learn, and grow together since 2010.

Join us in the Play-Based Revolution and help transform early years education today!

Welcome to Wunderled. We’re all about play-based teaching for young children!

As educators who have been in the classroom, we know that through play, children engage in the most comprehensive approach to learning that encompasses cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.

To break free from the constraints of the factory model of education, we must acknowledge that children have unique interests, strengths, and ways of learning. With courage, we trust this knowledge and allow them to take the reins in a way that holistically unlocks their potential.

Our aim is to INSPIRE and EMPOWER educators worldwide to join us on this journey, transforming early childhood education into a realm of wonder, exploration, and child-led discovery.

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Our Students are Saying

  • The Whole experience has been magical – but today – I feel seen and heard. And my heart is definitely been touched.

  • The Wonder Box is a gold mine of information whether you are a new teacher, an experienced teacher, or a parent looking for new ideas.

  • Hi Sally and co, just want to say a massive thank you for the Summit. Every time I attend these PDs they always remind me why I love working in the profession, all the background behind-the-scenes of child development, the impact I make o the children and families I work with.

  • Wonderful resources and the most supportive community!!!

  • I have just watched today’s videos, I am blown away. I cannot believe educators around the world can access this for free! This should be statutory CPD for all EY staff.

  • Loving the sessions! So packed with “golden nuggets” Thank you for organizing this! Learning so much!

  • Thank you for the most amazing Summit! I loved it so much that I bought a lifetime membership. Without a doubt, I found my tribe. Keep inspiring!

  • This investigation pack is perfect right now. The young 3-year-olds and older two-year-olds I have right now are loving this story.

  • Sally and her amazing team have put my passion back into children’s education and helped me grow to be a supportive Director. The group is so supportive and never a negative comment. The wonder box is, well just WOW! Love everything about it.

  • I just wanted to express how amazed I am while I go through all the resources. I’m new to this world, (Play lead education), I’ve read about it, but this is my first time really diving into it and I feel like Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Anyways, thank you for all the resources and all the other teachers here for sharing.

  • This is a super resource! This was a hit! Children were exploring texture, noticing how the soil was transforming, and comparing the colours they were making. It was beautiful, authentic, and so rich! Thank you for the inspiration.

  • This resource will be so valuable to our class as we begin to plant this spring. I like the way we will be able to go so much deeper (Ha!) than a traditional planting and spring theme or approach.

  • This ties into what my students are interested in at this time so thanks for all the ideas to weave into our different centers.

Sally Haughey Wunderled

Meet Sally

Sally Haughey, the founder and CEO of Fairy Dust Teaching (now Wunderled), is a passionate advocate for early years educators embracing a play-based philosophy.

With a teaching journey that began in 1996, Sally draws inspiration from many approaches like Waldorf and Reggio Emilia. In 2010, she established Fairy Dust Teaching in the midst of one of her most challenging years in a public school setting. Today, it has grown into a vibrant global community of over 240,000 educators across 120 countries. Sally’s strong dedication lies in empowering educators to unlock the transformative power of play, nurturing children’s imagination and curiosity. Click the About Us button below to learn more about Sally and Wunderled guiding principles.

Bringing the magic and genius of early childhood, one heart-centered educator at a time.


Play Invitations

Bring Play-Based Learning to Your Classroom

Discover dozens of creative Play Invitations to engage children and spark their imaginations.

  • INCREASE engagement, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • MORE joyful and playful learning environment.
  • REDUCE prep time.

Start Planning Engaging Learning Experiences

“Strip away the twinkle lights, remove the wood cookies, ditch the loose parts…at the end of the day… when you see, hear, and value as a child, that is the most powerful curriculum on the planet.”


Our Blog

A collection of articles, videos, and other content from leading voices invited to the Wunderled stage. Theory, practice, and science of play-based education all in one place.

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Looking for insights and fresh perspectives on play-based education?

Tune in to our Podcast, hosted by Lynnette Arthur, as she engages in thought-provoking conversations with outstanding experts in the field. Together, they explore different aspects of play-based learning, sharing their experiences, opinions, and reflections.

Join us as we delve into this fascinating topic, uncovering new ideas and challenging assumptions along the way.

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