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Children have the right to create their own tools. Not everything has to be bought.

We can create opportunities for the child to understand the creative processes behind the instruments they use daily and how to make choices, test ideas, and discover how to use available resources.

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Bringing the magic and genius of early childhood, one heart-centered educator at a time.

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“Strip away the twinkle lights, remove the wood cookies, ditch the loose parts…at the end of the day…when you see, hear, and value a child, that is the most powerful curriculum on the planet.”


Sally's Journal

A public school teacher. A shamed parent. And, a life-altering realization that to advocate for children she must first advocate for herself… 

Sally’s Journal is an intimate view of what she’s discovered during her thirty-plus years of reading, researching, traveling, and studying. Experience her process and perspective on play-based learning, how we treat children, how they learn, and how we rise for them as play-based educators.

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The Powerful Pedagogy Podcast

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  • Episode 10: Inspiring Universal Pre-K with Charnea Paris
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  • Episode 9: Social Justice & Diversity Teaching in Early Childhood with Semeka Smith-Williams
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  • Episode 8: Being Play Responsive with Suzanne Axelsson
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    A collection of articles, videos, and other content from leading voices invited to the Wunderled stage. The Play Post is your curated source of thought leadership in the theory, practice, and science of play-based education all in one easily accessible, navigable place.

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