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Be a leader in the play based learning movement. Become a Wunderled™ Certified Educator.

What is the certification?

The Wunderled™ Certification Program for early childhood educators is a truly holistic journey into what it means to be a play based educator and how to apply that thoughtfully, creatively and with passion in your classroom.

We don’t teach an approach to education, instead, with sound science, research and experience, we help you develop your capacity as a human being, to fully meet your children in their world and empower them to thrive through the power of play.

Wonder League
The Wunderled™ Certification Program supports you in deepening your understanding of a play based relational pedagogy and your ability to cultivate the qualities of warmth and wonder, with a depth of personal awareness that sets exceptional educators apart.
Wonder League

We know that your personal biography is your pathway to the unique teacher you are – we honour your individuality and encourage you to find and grow your own passion as you explore how to bring that into the classroom.

This thoroughly in-depth, thought provoking, inspirational and practical program has been developed through years of applied research and experience by Sally and her team. It will take you on a reflective learning journey where you can develop a deeply personal and professional understanding of what it means to be a Wunderled™ play activated educator and apply that with magical results.

Who is this for?

  • Educators worldwide who want to deepen their journey and experience of play activated learning and gain valuable CPD.
  • Educators who want to unleash their unique individuality in the play based classroom and claim it with confidence.
  • Educators looking for a supportive learning environment and a mentor who understands their needs and unique journey.
  • Educators who want to be the very best play advocates they can be.
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Sally and her amazing team have put my passion back into children's education and helped me grow to be a supportive director.

Melissa, Early Childhood Director

What will you learn?

The program has three core areas of focus:

You will explore and develop the various views that inform and underpin your work.

  • The view of the educator
  • The view of the child
  • The view of the family
  • The view of education

You will explore and work with the models that Sally has developed in her 30 years of this work:

  • The Wunderled™ Relational Learning Model
  • The Wunderled™ Play Model
  • The Wunderled™ Learning Environment Model
  • The Wunderled™ Family Model of Connection

As a Certified Wunderled™ Educator, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of how to honor children in everything that you do.
  • See what’s driving your teaching and understand how to uncover what might be clouding your view. U
  • Understanding that your view of the teacher, education, child, family, is a representation, but not the reality. This is essential in transforming how we teach and allows us to claim who we desire to be.
  • Be able to follow children’s interest and to become skilled at child observation.
  • Be able to recognize and document children’s learning with a deep appreciation. Adopt habits that will set them up to become lifelong researchers in education.
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Thank you Wunderled for making me more confident, whenever I am in any situation I just go through my belief, values, perspective and more important I am here for kids.

Jyoti Sharma

How does it work?

Wunderled™ Certification is a year long, 220 hour personal and professional study program offered completely online so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Broken into monthly modules with around a 5 hour per week self study commitment.

  • Each month you are guided through a series of learning modules with video and written content and powerful reflection guides.
  • Monthly zoom masterclasses with Wunderled™ Founder Sally, bring you deep insights, inspiration and an opportunity to share your experience.
  • The program is overseen by our wonderful co-ordianator Nicole and you will have your own certification mentor there to support you in your individual journey through the program.
  • Applications for 2022 open in march and the program begins in June 2022
Wunderled Certification

Your Investment

If you are a member already of our Wonder League, certification is offered to you for $497 or for the full price of $997 for non Wonder Leaguers. This can be paid in 10 monthly installments of $49.70 or $99.70 respectively.

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Unbelievable that I haven't had this training before. This is amazing and I'm so excited to see what else is in store.


If you would like further information or to apply for next year’s program please sign up here.

We will send you an information pack with more details about the specifics of the program and we will be in touch as soon as registration opens with everything you need to get started with your application.