The atelier (art studio) is one of my favorite spaces to set up when getting the third teacher ready.

But, one thing that can be tricky is figuring out unique and accessible ways to store and display your materials in the atelier for ease of access for children.

Today I will share ideas for inspiring atelier storage solutions! Let’s get our own creativity working as we expand our own ideas for displaying art materials in the atelier!

Drawing Materials

log for storing and displaying crayons

Holes drilled into a log for storing crayons.

jars for storing and displaying markers

Reused jam jars for markers to show the colors through. (Acrylic clear cups work as well if the glass is not permitted.)

Transparent acrylic cup for displaying crayons

Acrylic clear cup found at the dollar store.

Reused tin cans with color swatches

Reused tin cans with color swatches (found at a local hardware store) for matching colors.

A scrap wood piece with drilled holes for storage and displaying crayons

A scrap wood piece was found and stained with drilled holes for storage.

Reused oil pastel tray for sorting and displaying chunky crayons

Reused oil pastel tray (or any tray) with chunky crayons.


Vinegar and oil bottles for liquid watercolors

Vinegar and oil bottles for liquid watercolors. Brilliant! Pour into a palette and ready to paint!

Paint palette holder from a wooden plate rack

Repurposed headphone rack. A wooden plate rack or 2 scraps of wood and 10 wooden dowels will also create this palette holder.

Wood bottle crate for paint bottles storage

An old wood bottle crate found at an antique store is a fantastic storage container!

wood bottle crate for tempera paint storage in clear ketchup bottles

Another wooden crate! Notice the clear ketchup bottles for tempera paint! Mess-free pouring for children!

baby food jars for storing paint

Baby food jars with lids! Children dip their paintbrushes in which color jar they need.

Paint bottles in basket

Any type of basket to hold bottles looks lovely and makes for easy transporting.

Jars with beans or gravel for displaying paintbrushes

Jars with beans or gravel for displaying paintbrushes! Sturdy enough so they won’t tip over.

vase on top of the wood cookie for paintbrushes

Notice the special place for the vase on top of the wooden cookie. Again, plastic or ceramic vases work instead of glass as well!


cupcake holder for sorting and displaying collage materials

A cupcake holder! Love this! Displaying scissors on top and reused paper on the bottom.

spice rack for storing and displaying glitter

A spice rack filled with glitter! Easy sorting and cleanup for children!

cupcake rack for displaying and storing glue and glitter

Another cupcake rack is used for glue and glitter! Notice the salt shakers for less mess in glitter!

brick for scissor holder

A brick for a scissors holder? Genius!

spice rack for displaying glitter

A spice rack found at a thrift store is great for displaying glitter.

tray with dividers for collage materials storage and display

Any type of tray with dividers is an instant loose part, and collage materials storage idea!

rack for re-usable paper display

A simple rack found at a thrift store is great for reusable paper displays.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, having compelling and easily accessible storage for materials in my atelier has made a big difference. By ensuring that materials are readily available and within children’s reach, we have fostered a sense of independence and autonomy.

By organizing materials thoughtfully, we empower children to take charge of their artistic journeys and enjoy the process of learning. Let’s infuse our art studios and ateliers with enchanting storage solutions, and watch as the magic unfolds in the hands of our budding artists!

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