During the FREE Live Webinar, Loose Parts! Provocations! Oh My!, I noticed a lot of questions about how to store loose parts. Today I want to share 12 ideas with you for loose parts storage!

These ideas come from the amazing Reggio-Inspired school, Rosa Parks ECEC!

The best part? Most of these can be found either lying around your house or at your local dollar store!

Muffin Tins are versatile loose parts storage

#1 Muffin tins

Who doesn’t have a few of these lying around? They make for great loose parts storage and sorting!

relish trays to avoid clutter with the loose parts

#2 Relish trays

Did you take home Aunt Meg’s famous artichoke dip at the last family get together? Great news! That relish tray can be reused for storing loose parts!

Wood trays to display loose parts

#3 Sectioned Wood Boxes or Trays

These types of trays are so versatile!

Wine racks original loose parts storage

#4 Wine Racks

Need a new idea for that wine rack that is collecting dust? How about storing fabric used as loose parts in it?

Cookie tins keep loose parts in place

#5 Cookie Tins

Did you get a ton of cookie tins over the holidays or find some in the bargain bin in January? They are wonderful for storing loose parts!

Baby Food Jars are inexpensive storage systems

#6 Baby Food Jars

Will they ever stop thinking of ways to reuse these little wonders?

Clear Plastic cups to classify loose parts

#7 Clear Plastic Cups and Bowls

You can stock up on these for super cheap, so why not?

Peg Boards to have Loose Parts accessible

#8 Peg Boards

I must admit, I would have never thought of this on my own, but peg boards can store so many things!

Tin cans for small Loose Parts

#9 Tin Cans

These are the fancy kind with handles and everything! I was never above reusing the green bean can from the night before to throw beads or buttons in!

Loose Parts Stored in Baskets and Bins

#10 Baskets and Bins

This one is pretty obvious and probably the go-to storage for most people. I suggest hitting the garage sales and resale stores for these! Don’t be afraid to play the “teacher card” to get them for a steal!

Old Drawers to organize Loose Parts

#11 Old Drawers

Decided to throw out that old rickety dresser, but hate to waste the drawers? Reuse them in your classroom to store loose parts!

Large Tin Bins for Loose Parts Storage

#12 Large Tin Bins

These shiny beauties are perfect for storing outdoor loose parts finds!

For more storage ideas, follow Fairy Dust Teaching’s Pinterest Board: Reggio Elements ~ Storage

Which storage idea did you find most helpful?

What ideas would you add for storing loose parts?