Using black construction paper as a background makes the colors and shapes in a collage “pop.”

Children can use special papers such as origami paper, and build the skill of using a glue stick.

With this Play Invitation, children can explore concepts like contrast, color, shape, pattern, composition, and position in a creative way.

What Could Lead Us to This Play Invitation

  • Children have been exploring collage and assembling materials;
  • Children are curious about the effect of combining different colors in their compositions;
  • Children get attached to the smallest pieces of paper and want to keep them.

Materials Needed

  • Special paper, like origami or wallpaper
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue stick

Setting up This Play Invitation

  1. Cut the papers into strips and other shapes.
  2. Place the black construction paper on a beautiful tray, alongside a glue stick and a bowl containing the cut-up paper strips.

    Tip: You can also use old paintings and cut them into strips.

How to Create the Collage

  1. Invite children to create a composition by gluing the pieces of paper on the black construction paper into a collage of their own design.

Optional next step: Once the collage is completed, offer a white marker so children can make further art markings on top of the collage.

How to Nurture the Natural Unfolding of the Child’s Identity During This Play Invitation

  • Children have the right to choose what they want to value. This can mean that children will want to keep small pieces of paper, pieces from an incomplete game, random things they find on the floor, etc. Even if an adult doesn’t see the value in a scrap of paper, it’s important to honor the value that the child attributes to it. An object becomes valuable because the child believes it has value.

The Academic Learning Opportunities

  • MATH: Explore shapes and quantity.
  • PHYSICAL: Build on their fine motor skills and precision.
  • SCIENCE: The science of glue – how papers adhere to each other using a sticky and wet material.
  • ART: Explore composition, balance, color, creativity, and pattern.


  • Invite children to create collages using clear plastic sheets and cellophane-colored paper. Hang their compositions by a window so the colors can be projected on the floor or walls.

Book Recommendation

A wonderful book about how a piece of paper can strengthen a friendship.